350 Pound Man Calls Police When “All-You-Can-Eat” Fish Fry Cuts Him Off – Tradeshow Booth of Life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 21, 2012 – 4:40 pm -

tradeshow booth displayA restaurant customer in Central Wisconsin called police after he was cut off from the establishment’s all-you-can-eat fish fry.

At 6 feet 6 inches and 350 pounds, Bill Wisth acknowledges he can pack away more fish than the average guy. But Wisth wants Chuck’s Place to live up to its all-you-can-eat advertising.

After Wisth ate a dozen pieces of fish last Friday, a waitress refused to bring more. The restaurant says it was running out of fish and patience. They sent Wisth on his way with eight more pieces. Wisth called the village police. And he came back two days later with a picket sign.

Waitress Elizabeth Roeming says the restaurant has tried to work with Wisth over the years, even letting him run a tab that he hasn’t paid off.

Wausau Daily Herald

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Do you Live in America’s Most Interesting Town? # trade show booth of life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 20, 2012 – 3:57 pm -

trade show booth displayUntil May 31, anyone can nominate his or her town in the Reader’s Digest contest by sharing stories and pictures that demonstrate what makes the town special.

The author of the winning story will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and their town will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest magazine.

In addition, each week a new American town will be named America’s Most Interesting Town by popular vote and will be featured on the website and in an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest.  Locals can show their community spirit by logging on and voting for their town as many times as they like.

Read more….


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Who Makes the Best Dill Pickle? – Tradeshow booth of life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 19, 2012 – 4:00 pm -

tradeshow booth displayWhether you eat them straight out of the jar or wedged in a sub sandwich (or better yet, in a grilled cheese sandwich), there’s nothing like a dill pickle for a zingy dose of flavor.

A panel of taste testers at Huffington Post tried out 11 different kinds of dill pickles.  Each pickle was judged on its texture (a nice snap and a firm crunch vs. a softer pickle) and flavor (mild, zesty, sour, herbal or salty). Only one brand came from the refrigerated aisle of the grocery store, while the others came from the store shelf.

Despite all 11 brands being labeled as “dill,” there was quite some disparity — some tasted like bread and butter pickles, while others tasted like “Christmas.”

Want to know which pickles won the taste test?  Read more….


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Bear Takes a Dip in Family Swimming Pool – Tradeshow booth of Life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 18, 2012 – 3:28 pm -

tradeshow booth displayA family in California couldn’t believe their eye when they spotted a bear taking a dip in their luxury infinity swimming pool.

This being 2012 they instantly reached for their smartphone and started recording the impromptu swim session.

In the footage – shot by Rachel and Valerie Gasparini – the bear can be seen enjoying the posh pool and appears to be taking in the panoramic views across the Golden State. Amazing to the Tradeshow booth of life.

“It’s really good at swimming,” the sisters can be heard saying. “It’s like looking out at the view, taking a nice swim you know, what they hell.

News Lite

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Grow Your Own Clothes – tradeshow booth of life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 15, 2012 – 5:21 pm -

tradeshow booth displayIn her workshop in London, designer Suzanne Lee uses a recipe of green tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast to ‘grow’ a material which she describes as a kind of “vegetable leather”.

The material takes about two weeks to grow and can then be folded around a mold – she has made a dress from a traditional tailor’s model but handbags and furniture are also possibilities. Maybe tradeshow booth of life can get some of these natural threads.

Alternatively it can be dried out and cut and sewn in the traditional manner.

Currently the material is biodegradable and after five years, becomes unwearable, hardening and rotting.

“At that point you can compost it down with all your other vegetable peelings,” said Ms Lee.  Read more…..



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12 Things That Will Get Cheaper in 2012 – Trade Show Booth of Life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 14, 2012 – 4:01 pm -

trade show booth displayDespite record-low mortgage interest rates, United States home prices are expected to limp their way into the coming year. In 2011, average home prices across the country were down 3.4 percent (compared to the same period of August to October, 2010.)   And with unemployment expected to remain high, it looks  like 2012 will remain a buyer’s market.

Other things that are expected to be cheaper are most electronic products:  3D HD TVs, media streamers, Android tablets, GPS, eBook rentals, and car rentals.

What other prices will be lower?  Read more……




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UK Prime Minister Forgets his 8-year old Daughter in Pub – Tradeshow booth of life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 13, 2012 – 3:08 pm -

tradeshow booth displayPrime Minister David Cameron left his 8-year-old daughter Nancy  behind in a pub after a Sunday lunch with friends following a mix-up over which car she was going home in.

Sunday pub lunches are a long traditional in Britain, often including roast beef, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and salad along with red wine, beer or ale. The tradeshow booth of life definitely knows.

Nancy had gone to the bathroom while Cameron and the rest of the family piled into two cars to drive back to London.  Cameron was traveling in one car with his bodyguards and assumed that Nancy was in the other car with his wife Samantha and their two other children. Samantha assumed Nancy was with her father, and they only realized she was missing when they got home.

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Couple Get Divorced after 115 Years – Trade show booth of Life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 12, 2012 – 2:53 pm -

trade show booth displayYou can’t say they didn’t try.

After an impressive 115 years together, two giant turtles at an Austrian zoo are refusing to share their cage anymore.

“We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore,” said Helga Happ, director of the Klagenfurt-based zoo, where the turtles — Bibi, the female and Poldi, the male — have lived for the last 36 years.  Before that, they called Basel Zoo in Switzerland home.

Zoo staff realized something was amiss when Bibi bit off a chunk of her partner’s shell. When the attacks continued, Poldi was moved to another cage. Ouch says the Trade Show Booth of Life.

Animal experts even attempted couples’ counseling — feeding the turtles aphrodisiacs and encouraging them to play games together. But so far, efforts have failed to bring the lovers back together.

Huffinton Post

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Surgeon Wants Kidney Back from Estranged Wife – Tradeshow Booth of Life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 11, 2012 – 3:24 pm -

tradeshow booth displayA Long Island surgeon embroiled in a nearly four-year divorce proceeding wants his estranged wife to return the kidney he donated to her.

Dr. Richard Batista, a surgeon at Nassau University Medical Center, told reporters at his lawyer’s Long Island office Wednesday that he decided to go public with his demand for the kidney because he has grown frustrated with the negotiations with his estranged wife.

Batista  married his wife in 1990. They would later have three children and eventually he saved her life by donating his kidney to her in 2001.  She filed for divorce in July 2005, although he claims she began having an extramarital affair 18 months to two years after receiving the kidney transplant.

ABC News


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Tinkerbell Refused Admission to Disney World – Trade Show Booth of Life

Written by Tradeshow Booth Guy on June 8, 2012 – 3:17 pm -

trade show booth display15-year-old April Spielman wanted her boyfriend’s first trip to Walt Disney World to be memorable, so she planned to do something special — dress up like Tinker Bell.

April spent months planning her costume and said that she woke up at 4 a.m the morning of her visit, just to paint her nails green, get her hair ready and do her make-up.

The first half of the day went smoothly but, when she tried to gain entry into The Animal Kingdom, she was refused admission and told to get changed into clothes that Disney World gave her because officials said she looked too much like their Tinkerbell.

“They said I looked too good,” Spielman said.  Read more……..




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